E Komo Mai

Welcome to your stay at Kona Bayview Inn on the Big Island of Hawaii. Thank you for staying with us! Below is information about our facilities and resources for your use while you stay with us. If you have any questions please let us know. Enjoy your stay!

On the Lanai

Lounging Area

The lounging area includes a sitting area and a bookcase with reading materials. There are many books on Hawaii including, hiking trails, birds of Hawaii, local fish, historical sites, and general information on the Big Island.

The overhead lights on the Lanai are manually turned on and off by us when everyone has gone to bed. The lights by the couch can be turned on and off manually by our guests.

Banquet Area

The banquet area is for your use if needed. Note that the dishes are kept outside so you may want to wipe them off before using them.

  • Microwave
  • Electric Tea Pot
  • Plates, glasses, and flatware
  • Garbage bin
  • Recycle bucket (for dirty dishes and beverage containers, such as cans/bottles)

In Your Room

In the Closet*

  • Ice Chest
  • Room Fan
  • Beach Chairs
  • Beach Towels
  • Drying Rack (please do not hang your wet towels/cloths on the lanai furniture)

Under Bathroom Sink*

  • Hair Dryer
  • Flash Light
  • Toilet Paper
  • Bleach Wipes
  • Cleaning Rag

*In the Tiki Room these items are in the modular closet area to the left of the door.

Breakfast & more...

Breakfast is served banquet style and placed on the round table near the kitchen slider door. The dining table is on the lanai with amazing views of the ocean. We serve a hot breakfast at 7:30 am, coffee is ready for early risers around 6:00 am. A selection of tea is also available on the bakers’ rack.

If you have an excursion and need to leave early, please let us know in advance and we can make you a breakfast to go.

We will clear the breakfast dishes from the table so no need for you to put them in the bucket. If you have any food garbage, please use the garbage can on the lanai instead of the one in your room as it will attract bugs.


Network: KBI-Guest

Password: Hawaii23